Get to Know Your Local Pharmacist: Meet Dr. Jillian Dano of Sarasota Apothecary

Meet Your Local Pharmacist 

Dr. Jillian Dano, PharmD, is the pharmacist and owner of Sarasota Apothecary, an independent retail and compounding pharmacy.  Jillian graduated with her doctorate in pharmacy from Shenandoah University and has a combined 18 years of pharmacy experience.  She holds certifications in hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and specializes in interpreting patient lab results, assisting providers with customized recommendations, non-sterile compounding, and patient consults.  

One of Jillian’s first memories of the healthcare industry was at a small independent pharmacy in Watertown, New York.  She remembers the small town feel and how the pharmacist took time to address her specific needs.  This gave her the inspiration to pursue becoming a pharmacist. 

She worked for a commercial pharmacy in the beginning of her career and quickly realized she could not provide the level of care that she received herself at an independent pharmacy. That is when she decided she would one day open her own.  

Sarasota Apothecary opened it’s doors in 2017.  

“What are you passionate about providing the customers that walk through your doors?”

“I want to be able to provide that complete triangle of care between the customer, the medical provider, and the pharmacist.  The compounding component allows me to provide the highest level of care by customizing prescriptions to each individual patient.”

“What can you offer patients seeking hormone replacement therapy?”

“Being a compounding pharmacy, I can offer patients medications with customized dosing, clean ingredients that are free of fillers and harmful additives.  I can also offer consultations and provide recommendations to the patient’s healthcare provider.”

Jillian holds continuing education certifications from:

  • A4M
  • PCCA
  • LP3
  • University of Florida
  • NOVA Southeastern University School of Pharmacy

Jillian and Sarasota Apothecary are a valued resource for Connected Health and Wellness, and offer a personalized touch to all who walk through their doors.  

Sarasota Apothecary
8620 S. Tamiami Trail Suite N-P
Sarasota, FL. 34238